Casa Brecceto Nadar Fiano Campania

Fresh, bouncy, textured, and aromatic. Distilled minerality, chalky, citrus, golden apple, pistachio pudding, natural, certified organic, working biodynamic - rare af.

“Casa Brecceto was founded in 2018 by a small group of local friends/winemakers/agro-enologists, but, they started out over twenty years ago as the “Arajani Enoprogetto”, exploring the wine potential of their ancient Ariano Irpino and Irpina River valley surroundings. Located in the village of Ariano Irpino, high in the Apennine Mountains of central Campania -- over 700 meters of elevation -- this tiny collaborative cantina is doing work that we have been waiting to see from Campania ever since we started importing wine.” –SelectioNaturel