Vilabella Cartoixa Vermell Vila Abellus

100% Cartoixa Vermell ( SUPER RARE GRAPE !!! )

Catalonia > Spain

cantaloupe, mythical, kumquat, salted pineapple, aromatic, silver mine minerality

Copper-colored skin contact

Fermented in ceramic containers and aged in old barrels ( no oak )

Cartoixa Vermell is a rare grape long lost in the history of winemaking

only few European winemakers keep the grape alive on their vineyards

it is also known as "Red Xarello" ( "Xarello" being a common white Spanish grape )

the grape is a gorgeous, unparalled pink color 

it drinks unlike any Xarello you've had before

and honestly,

it drinks unlike any other orange wine you've probably had before