We love helping you pick the alcohol for your event. We do it all the time. Whether it's a:

Wedding / Anniversary / Album Release / Gallery Opening / Massive Party / Block Party

We got it covered.

To help make things easy, we have put together a collection of wines perfect for these huge events

You will get 10% off once you put 12 bottles into your cart ( wine / spirits / all the same bottles / all different bottles )

All wines from big events can be returned, so you can comfortably over order to ensure you don't run out!

( we do ask that you bring your returns back the morning following the event to ensure the bottles are unscathed. Bottles with damage cannot be returned )


Here are two ways to secure alcohol for you event:


You can do everything online! Build a cart with exactly what you want.


We can even deliver it to you.

If you are in our local delivery zone, delivery will be free!

If you are outside of our local delivery zone, we can deliver for a small fee.

It's that easy.

If you're computer savvy, this is for you.



Give us a call ( 323-662-9024 )

We can help coordinate everything for you.

We can set it up for pick up or delivery.

We can give you quotes, options, etc.

If you think you know what you want, but just need some guidance, this is for you.



Come say hi!

Anyone in the store can help you.

We can start an order by hand and get all the details worked out.

If you like a more hands on approach, this is for you.



Email us at info@silverlakewine.com 

Ask us anything and everything.

We read every email that comes into our inbox.

We can send you options over email and you can pick out what looks best.


Whatever it is, whatever the size, whatever the reason, we are here to help get whatever it is you need for your event.


Thank you!