Amara Amaro D'Arancia Rossa Sicilian Liqueur

Amara is the feminine form of 'amaro,'

This amaro is made by an orange grower on the east coast of Sicily, just south of Catania, in sight of the enormous volcano that dominates this whole corner of the island, Mount Etna.

Sicilian blood oranges from the Tarocco variety are famous throughout Italy for juice (a glass of Tarocco juice in Sicily in season is a revelation), but this grower decided to also use the zest from his oranges as a raw material for an amaro.

Orange zest is the main flavor in Amara, but it is supported by a range of herbal and bitter notes, with a very attractive balance between orange and herbal flavors, and also between sweetness and bitterness (some amaro is so sweet as to be essentially herbal liqueur, this is more serious)

Amara works very well as a Spritz with soda water and a slice of lemon.