Low Gap SLW Blended Bourbon Whiskey 2015 & 2019

Below are literal words from our spirits buyer, George Cossette:

 Gap Blended Bourbon Silver Lake Wine Selection 750 ml $55 only 220 bottles produced!

We are always excited for anything that comes from Crispin Cain, distiller extraordinaire and out of the box thinker.

We have had two  popular, custom batches of 7year Rye from Low Gap in the past few years, so earlier this year  I had a talk with Crispin and his partner Tamar, to see what we might be able to do for this holiday season.

After trying a few samples we agreed on this one.

His creations from Mendocino Spirits and Low Gap have to be some of the most unique and carefully crafted products on the market.

Here is a limited edition of 220 bottles at very reasonable price.

It’s a great gift for a bourbon loving friend, or just to drink by yourself when nobody else is around so you don’t have to share.

I get vanilla (Dairy Queen soft serve to be exact) nutmeg, ripe peaches (does anybody remember those?) and a whiff of tobacco.

The mad scientist stuff is below:

-53% Straight Bourbon Whiskey distilled in 2016
-38% Corn, non-gmo, source in Quebec
-9% Wheat, organic, source in Italy
The wheat and corn whiskies were blended when new, in 2015 were stored new charred oak barrels at 60%.

In 2018 at three years old I unified the Corn and Wheat, added water to 50%, and re-barreled into used Sauternes barrels.

The Bourbon remained at barrel strength for 7 years, in new charred American Oak from Canton Cooperage. 36 month air dried staves, #3 Char.  

These whiskies were blended when they were 7 years old, allowed to marry, bottled in 2023.