Tempier Bandol Cabassaou 2021

Few names make wine geeks swoon like Domaine Tempier from the Provencal seaport village of Bandol. The Peyrauds have been fastidiously producing the world's greatest Mourvèdre-based wines since Lucien married Lulu Tempier in the 1930s. They restored ther family's old farm and vineyards, and their wines are absolute must-haves for every great restaurant's wine list ever since. The Cabassaou vineyard sits lower on this hillside & is protected from the strength of the Mistral wind, enjoying temperate breezes and maximum sunshine. 95% Mourvèdre with 4% Syrah & 1% Cinsault, making this the most Mourvèdre-centric wine in their lineup, it effortlessly straddles the line between the savage & elegant.