So Far Out Chillable Red

"So Far Out" is an exciting new chillable red wine that is making waves in the wine world. Produced from organic
and responsibly farmed grapes grown along California's central coast, this wine is the embodiment of a new wine
revolution. This red wine is light, refreshing and perfect served chilled, making it a perfect choice for those warm summer days at the beach, outdoor BBQs, or simply relaxing with friends. The blend, which is a closely guarded secret, is designed to highlight the characteristics of the terroir and the varietals used in the blend. With aromas of ripe red berries, and subtle hints of herbs, this wine is well balanced and smooth on the palate, with a light to medium body that is refreshing and juicy to the taste. The flavors are the perfect harmony of fruit, with hints of strawberry and raspberry and a slight acidity that lingers in the finish. "So Far Out" is the perfect wine for those who appreciate traditionally made, organic wine, and the push to move forward to a more sustainable future. It's a wine that is both playful and sophisticated, indicative of the changes that are taking place within the wine industry towards more environmentally and socially responsible practices.

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