Forthave Spirits Brown Coffee Liqueur - 375ml

A collaboration between two NYC institutions that began as an exploration of what was possible has resulted in one of the best new liqueurs in recent memory

The single origin source is Don Sergio Ortez who grows his beans sustainably in Nicaragua and naturally ferments them over the course of seven days

The beans are roasted at Café Integral by César Vega before being sent to the team at Forthave in Brooklyn where a combination of cold brew concentrate, and an alcohol maceration works to merge both ends of the flavor spectrum for these exceptional, precious beans

The flavors are pure, direct and focused, raw and intense without losing their balance

Notes of balsamic covered dried fruits, dark chocolate, almond butter, brown sugar and roasted nutsall come through in equal intensity on what is a surprisingly dry leaning palate.

The bottom line on this is that it is thoughtfully and well made and absolutely delicious.