Ohishi Whisky 15 Year Sherry Cask


Founded in 1872, Ohishi grows 30%+ of the gohyakumanishi rice they distill which they grow as organically as possible and even employ Koi to handle weed control in lieu of herbacide.

After being distilled in Ohishi’s stainless steel stills, the new make Ohishi whisky (uncut shochu) is put into either ex-Sherry or ex-Brandy casks and set aside to age until it’s ready to be bottled.

Oaky, ashy, nutty, bits of citrus, grainy sweetness and dried dark fruit and leather. A touch of peppery spice rounds it out nicely and alludes to something that might open more with time, but the initial impression is quite nice.

A sherry bomb explodes on the palate sending shrapnel of rich vanilla, citrus, dried dark fruit, oily nuts, ash, oak and a strange but alluring sweetness. Like the aroma it has a bit of pepper to it and hints at opening up to more complexity with time.

Long and fueled by sherry with bits of cocoa, dark fruit, ash and spice.